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Women's football has not had the relative head start over the rest of the world that the men's game has had, and also has not had the chance to spread through the country like its male counterpart. The game was administerd by the Women's Football Federation of India (WFFI) from 1975 until the early 1990s when they were absorbed into the AIFF. However, there are complaints that women's football is treated as a poor relation to the men's game leading to (unfulfilled) plans to de-merge the WFFI.

The women's game, like the men's game, also has its early pioneers in the state of West Bengal. The large Kolkata teams, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, started women's club sides in the 2000–01 season, and they participate with other teams in the Calcutta Women's Football League. However, it has been seen recently that players from Manipur have made advances in the game. Players from these two states make up a large part of the India women's national football team.

The main women's national competition is played on a state vs. state basis in the India women's football championship.[11] There are also similar national championships for junior teams like the Junior Girls National Championship (for under 19s) and the Under-17 Girls National Championship.

Some female players have become internationally recognised. Among them are Chitra Gangadharan who was selected to play for the All Asian Star team.

Jaanki Kotecha was selected as captain to the All Asian Star Team in 2008–2009, where she led her team to victory.

In February 2000, Sujata Kar and Alpana Sil became the first Indian footballers to sign a contract outside India. They signed with the German team TSV Crailsheim, but had to return after a month due to problems with the clearance of their international transfer.

The India women's national football team is controlled by the All India Football Federation and represents India in Women's International Football Competitions. The women's football scene didn't have the same chance to spread as the men's game did, and thus the team struggles to keep up with more talented international squads such as China and Japan. However, India is beginning to recover from this jump-start, and is growing stronger with each year. The women's team will return to the field on September 7, 2012, from nearly a year long hiatus. They were re-established on November 2009 for a 2-month training camp.

The Women Football League was introduced in the year 1993 with a view to encouraging women footballers of the State and as part of its Centenary Celebration Programme. The League started with the following 9 affiliated units of the Association.

1)      Friends Organization

2)      Jubak Sangha, Barasat

3)      East Calcutta Women’s Sports Club

4)      Itika Memorial Sports Club

5)      Bidyut Sporting Club

6)      Naba Janma Sangha

7)      Behala Aikya Sammilani

8)      West Bengal Income Tax Sports & Amusement Club

9)      Verona Sports Club

Shri Priyarnjan Dasmunshi, the then President of AIFF, inaugurated the Tournament on 20th August, 1993 and the opening match between West Bengal Income Tax Sports & Amusement Club and Verona Sports Club was held amidst great enthusiasm. IFA has, thus, become a pioneer by taking a lead in the right direction and at the right moment encouraged by the lead given by FIFA.

West Bengal Income Tax Sports & Amusement Club became Champion and Behala Aikya Sammilani became Runners-up in the inaugural year.

12 ( Eleven ) Teams are participating in the current running League 2009-10.

Behala Women Teams have been participating in different National Championships with considerable success.